Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Import Alliance 2011

Racefriv took a day out of its busy  racing  drinking schedule to hit up import alliance in ATL. This one huge show, like seriously huge. Also about that taking a day off thing, well we actually didn't take a day off from drinking, which may answer some of the questions about how awful are IA coverage is, but without further ado....IA 2011.

The hole show was like this sick cars, tons of people, level, after level, after level.

Really 7 full levels of awesome sauce.

It shut the town down.

The racefriv spot where the drinking started. 

A flock of XB's

First other 86 ive seen in awhile.

Then there was this one. holy shit this thing belongs in a museum on a racetrack. Those N2 flares...wows.

There were many sick 240's there. Some pretty mind blowing.

Some with pink wheels

People came from all over. OMG indeed.

Some inspiration for project scrap metal. very clean.

Please zip your pants back up, and yes that is a boosted Ls1 in an FC. 

Well done teggy. A k20 supercharged. Even with a jdm front end I bet its still pretty sleeper. 


My favorite picture of the lot. 

Everyone I knew picked up these S3 stickers. They have an awesome magazine I wish the best to them in these tough times. 

Ill leave you with this old Toyoda slammed on old bbs's with a stupid exhaust. It pretty sums the day up, tons of people, every type of import you could think of, people clearly not giving a fuck about what people thought of there rides and Parkers drunken stumble throughout the decks. I had a great time and will be back next year. 


  1. LOL as many giant tow hooks as there were, I'm surprised that nobody ran their shins into one!