Monday, February 7, 2011

Project: Sleepy Turtle.

So the Friv project for the month is Johns White Honda Civic cx hatch. This is sweet little car, that has seen some ups and downs. Friv is going to get it back to like new condition and were planning on keeping everyone updated on the project. So here she is today.

Clearly it has seen some better days, but what a perfect car to further my new painting skills.

Its on TIEN springs all the way around with some rota slipstreams, but the real surprise is here.

A full GSR swap, new everything, with cams and all. All built by John himself, and I can attest even though it looks like crap its loud fast as hell. 

So this is her good side. ha :) She has more pings and dings than she shows so  it will take some time. On the next post well be stripping her down some to get ready sanding. Till next time, stay friv.

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