Friday, February 18, 2011

Project: Sleepy Turtle Pt.2 Some Disassembly Required

So its part two for project sleepy turtle, and before you make things shiny you usually have to take take a few things a apart. So heres where were at on the hatch.

So here is the start of every good project, a sad little car waiting for a better life.Day one we brought the little beast in and took apart what we really didn't want to deal with. Where not going to do much to the interior but some of it was stripped because it was pretty nasty, and it was going home with John up there for some cleaning.Most of the car was good, but the passenger fender was beyond the help of bondo so it went bye bye, and a certafit will come sometime soon.

One of the first things we did was weld some of the door holes up, the car is a cx so it didnt come with any trim, but at some point of the cars life it needed a driver door replacement and a junkyard door was pulled for it. The new fender also had these trim holes. I put a 1" by 1" peice of 1/16" sheet steel behind each hole then I filled from there, but smaller holes I just filled free hand, like the one on the very right up there.

Once we were done with the door we went around and shaved off all the excess weld, to flush it out and fix it with bondo later if needed.

Then we welded up the holes for the Honda badge, no backing on this, just strait welding and hoping I didn't melt the certafit hood to nothing before I filled the holes. 

This is what I ended up with. Could of been better, but with flux wire and a thin hood it could have been hella worse.

And once we hit it with the grinder, it looked pretty good. 

Now where at the sanding phase and hopefully this weekend well bondo it up and get it ready for primer. Till next time!

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