Thursday, January 13, 2011

Upsidedownland: Australia and the many excellent cars of the land down under.

First things first, I love Australia. Its an awesome place to be. I stayed in the city for most of time but as a whole Australia is the only place Id ever want to live other than the states(for now at least). Its awesome. From the roads to the trains and ferries. Australia made the journey fun and for most of the people who read this, a lot of  the time, the journey is the destination.

So lets get right to it, the cars. Of course every good car blog always starts off with the trusty stead that they ride in on. For us it was Matt's Ford Focus XR5. A five door Focus turbo, six speed, carbon interior trim. It was much nicer than any ford Ive ever seen in the states. Please send us this Ford!

The XR5 doing its daily thing at the beach.

Since were on the ford subject, I hate to tell you, I'm pretty sure Ford hates America. If it doesn't, how do you explain this?

This is what they call an FPV (Ford Performance Vehicle) Its a whole entire line of Fords that are made to be bad ass, high horsepower cars. This thing is Turbo and RWD. sick. There are many of these, some look like this, some don't, and some have almost 400 hp (correct me if Im wrong) 

This model is the FS, note the stock intercooler in that beast. skeet skeet. (surprise behind it too)

Still on the Ford track..... Falcons! There everywhere over there and they are sick. 

Also a bonus Civic Type-R, something else we don't get in the states. And if that red rocket times two didn't blow your mind try this. 

Thats right a Ford Falcon Ute diamond plate work truck. Yhere are no words that describe my love for this combo. Really though Utes are everywhere over there, even Chevy badged ones(really Holden) I really hope they start bringing these to the states.

Another Falcon Ute

The next big thing over in the land of upside downess is Holden Commodores.These things sound sexy as hell and look pretty damn bad too.The good one comes in an SS version, not sure if there is a higher version than that. Knowing Australians now though, Im sure there is. There so popular over there our friends called them Conformodores. Basically the G8, still pretty sick to me though. Its ashamed we lost this.

Of course there are many other things on that side of the world.






Honda Odysseys (Imagine a slammed TL wagon, these are pretty sick over there) 

Sick work truck  Toyota Land Cruisers.

Off roading minivans (this was more common than you would think, Im pretty thats all stock)

VW Bus ready for the beach.

Old school Datsuns (One Ive never seen before)

A Peugeot 206 

Bimmers slammed on volks. (and a Honda Jazz as they call it)

And more subarus

Really my favorites were the Nissan's that we never got. The silvas,

and the skylines

A sick R32

A Classic now

Another sick R32

The P on this car means that the driver has a provisional license, meaning a learners permit... I know what just happened to you. Yes my brain hurts too. Yes there is a 15 year old kid driving around Bondi Beach in an R33. me = jealous.

So this is the point where I was supposed to go home, but fate and the fact that I was flying stand by wasn't going to let that happen. Lucky for me though, we stopped by the Japanese shops the next day because I pretty much did everything I wanted to do there by this time. and wow any used car dealership over there is like a Sema or Nopi car show over here. Just wow.

A rare FTO in the background, not to many people know about those in the states.

Ah.... do you ship?

This Silvia can cure erectile dysfunction.

 A VR-4 wagon back there. wows.

So I know what your probably thinking. What were my favorite cars over there? was hard to say but heres my top 3.

Number 3: The beater with mattress attachment on top.

Number 2: The most useless ambulance ever made. 

Number 1: Ahh...I  have no idea whats this is but its amazing.

 Hope you enjoy. Till next time guys. -ish


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