Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hot Rod Update

OK, so the legality of republishing old Hot Rod magazines is dubious at best.  Lets say this is a parody and therefore falls under fair-use laws or something.  Whatever, I was asked for more details about the Indy engine in the 67 Mustang.  You can read the whole thing in the following images, or just be satisfied with knowing it was an alcohol injected, 255ci Indy car motor with a lotus radiator making around 480hp at 9000RPM.  And it didnt have any front brakes...

click images to make them more bigger-er.


  1. Thats a sick swap. However the gas tank inside the car does bring up some concerns. Car guys were so ballsy back then.

  2. yeah, its alcohol, invisible flames if it goes wrong. Then they mix nitro in it till it burns a piston. Lunatics.

  3. Sweet thanks for sharing!
    I love the fact the car can travel up to 200mph with itty bitty cage and no seat belt. Nice :)