Monday, January 10, 2011

Cars vs Flying

So I'm sitting here at the Honolulu airport Japanese zin garden area thing. I'm thinking to my self what a crazy trip. I'm covering the awesome cars and scenes in another post. But all these flying shenanigans really made me think about the thing I missed the most. My cars. (My gf was with me so don't go calling her).

 So people can't wait for the future where all cars are on rails and they just drive you, where u want to go, while you sleep. But that's exactly what flying is ...and it sucks. Ok so i know what your thinking, but flying kicks ass man. No it doesn't. Traveling kicks ass, seeing new places with fresh eyes is something I and most people can never let go off. Flying generally blows though. If we turn cars in the one way tickets just like planes, its going to end up just like flying is now, totally fucked. 
Its takes just one pissed off dude with some cow manure to screw us all out of our fancy space cars, then it'll be just like flying is today, getting groped and fondled from airport to airport(or garage to grocery store and back). No one tells you how many bags you can put in your car, its how many you can shove in your wee sized festia trunk. If you want to, you can stop the car and enjoy yourself for a min, maybe take a nap next to a rest area sign or something, as opposed to deciding between a crappy sandwich and a crappy wrap thing for dinner. Nobody asked you why you drove somewhere and how long you where you where there for. If I got asked that every time I drove, half the time I would say well I drove to some empty parking lots to do a couple donuts, where were you? And when's the last time you had to stand in line to get into your own car? Flying completey takes away your independence to do what you want.

Hawaii does not play around with there Hawaiian t-shirts. 

 You have to be at a certain place at a certain time which isn't that hard, I admit, unless your connecting flight is late(which it always is). So i don't know why we want our car world to end up the same why flying is, disappointment followed by fondling(usually its the other way around). All I'm saying is that cars are like they are for a reason, independence. If you don't want that... fine. There's a train, bus or taxi waiting for you outside, please get off the roads. And really I admit trains are awesome, there awesome because it gets all the people off the road that don't want to drive. Id rather drive, but all the people who would rather go by train or bus is off those road, and not slamming into school buses like normal. But back to what I was saying. Even with all the Ass backwards speed cameras and  totally fucked speed limits made back when cars weighed 5000lbs and had bottle caps for brakes. We still let all these stupid laws happen because its still so much better than any other way, and really to me its the only way.

And no joke these are really shots from inside  the Honolulu airport. Awesome. 

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