Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hot Rod Update

OK, so the legality of republishing old Hot Rod magazines is dubious at best.  Lets say this is a parody and therefore falls under fair-use laws or something.  Whatever, I was asked for more details about the Indy engine in the 67 Mustang.  You can read the whole thing in the following images, or just be satisfied with knowing it was an alcohol injected, 255ci Indy car motor with a lotus radiator making around 480hp at 9000RPM.  And it didnt have any front brakes...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Upsidedownland: Australia and the many excellent cars of the land down under.

First things first, I love Australia. Its an awesome place to be. I stayed in the city for most of time but as a whole Australia is the only place Id ever want to live other than the states(for now at least). Its awesome. From the roads to the trains and ferries. Australia made the journey fun and for most of the people who read this, a lot of  the time, the journey is the destination.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cars vs Flying

So I'm sitting here at the Honolulu airport Japanese zin garden area thing. I'm thinking to my self what a crazy trip. I'm covering the awesome cars and scenes in another post. But all these flying shenanigans really made me think about the thing I missed the most. My cars. (My gf was with me so don't go calling her).


Hello everyone hope you had a great new year. Just got back from Australia, had a blast and plenty of adventures. Hope everyone is enjoying there snow day off. Me and the Subaru took an adventure to waffle house at 6am, and had some other good times throughout the day.  Every time it snows it reminds me why I bought a Subaru.