Monday, December 13, 2010

Top Gear in Griffin Ga. Viper vs Cobra

Top Gear came to Griffin Ga, to make a short film for there new show and Friv was on the scene. Basically what is going down here, is Tanner Foust driving around with a cobra helicopter chasing him. Also a few shots of the Viper in the Griffin Cemetery. I'm guessing cause they killed the viper. :( sad face indeed. Props to Jalopnik people for the heads up.


man i'm such a dork.  and yes thats Tanner Foust.

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  1. When i saw the short film, i had a thought when the title says two snakes faceoff, that it would be at least between 2 cars, since it's Top Gear we're watching. Especially the other 'snake' in my mind, the Shelby Cobra (since the famous emblem). Already thrilled enough when they filmed Tanner taming the lethal Viper SRT. Turned out the other snake was a... military heli. My head then went dead for the next three days...