Sunday, December 12, 2010

New blog, new ideas, and a new year so close.

So today the suby was finally back on the road. and god did i miss it, that car is wonderful. If you have ever changed a timing belt (on a car you love) you know its a nail bitter till you crank it up. Its not that its a particulary hard thing to do, its just that if you mess it up by one tooth on anything, its all over for your engine. Today, the suby fired up just like it always did, fantastic. Which is a good thing, because the corolla almost didn't make it home. On the way to work and back its health slowy declined till it almost couldn't make it up the hill near my house. This.... makes me sad. I'm not sure whats wrong with it, but the valve tick on it now is realllly loud and it hesitates and feels like it has about 20% of the power. It could be fuel not getting to it, spark not happening, or maybe it just skipped timing. Its a non-interference motor so none of those are show stoppers. But it brings me to an important cross-roads with this car. The rear end is whining, the throw-out bearing is noisy, and now... the engine is well, sorta dead. Not sure where to go with from here. fix whats wrong and drive it like it is? rip it all out and redo it, swap it with something else. Its and old car, and original GT-S, a classic. I don't want to really rip it to pieces or weld in a jungle gym. but i also don't want to go through a ton of trouble just to get the same 120 hp it was making before. hummm.... car choices are tuff.

also we picked up the name and quicked linked it to here so we don't have to say our way to long name to people anymore. just also itll make better t-shirts and stickers. hopefully making to aussie over new years and hopefully we can take a journey there. and so i leave you with this pic a blank canvas (with some sketches already drawn in.)

so adding to keywords for searchs, racefriv, race friv, frivolousmotorsports,, there we go that should do it.

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