Saturday, December 25, 2010

Love & Lust, *RIP my beloved SV1000s*

Hello Internet, my name is Philip, most people just call me Asian Phil, some other folks like to call me Crazy Asian as well. Anyway, this is my virgin post on frivolousmotorsports, so it is a pleasure for me to be able to share my rambling here. Ish has been asking me to chime in and share some of my stuff; what's better than popping my blog cherry on Christmas Day to celebrate the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ, our savior, 8lb 6oz, peacefully laying there...

Today I would like to share a story of my true love. It all started when I was attending GaSouthern University, in the 'boro. We were living in "The Statesboro Place", go figure. At that time I was 20, I already had my first motorcycle - a Ninja 250R. I remember my roommate dragged me to the brand new dealership on Hwy301; I told him I won't be buying anything there and I knew it was a bad idea for going with him. Guess what? I walked out with a brand new motorcycle that day, 0 miles on the odometer; talking about love in first sight.

It was a 2003 Suzuki SV1000s, powered by a 996cc DOHC v-twins. Basically it is a little brother of the V-twin superbike Suzuki TL1000R. It dynoed 104rwhp and ran 11.2**@122mph.

I had a lot of fun with it, we went to the 'Tail of the Dragon', trackdays, dragstrip. Got into few troubles, and I almost died on it as well. (Watch the embedded video above)

I'm really proud of this motorcycle. I spent a lot of time and money to make it turn & run faster. High end titanium exhaust, Ohlins steering damper, upgraded Showa forks, radial brake master cylinder, Tokico 6pot brake calipers etc...I LOVE this bike, it sounds great, it turns fast, it sounds sexy as hell (V-twin exhaust sounds nothing like a 4 cylinder high revving weed eater), and it turns head every where I go. But everytime I open up a new motorcycle magazine, all other liter bikes just seem to look sexier, turn faster, and run hell a lot faster. In the back of my mind, I always wonder how it feels to have a true 1000cc Superbike? something that makes at least 180hp and can run 10 seconds quarter mile in show room stock condition.

That moment finally came in 2009, a friend of mine sold me his 2005 Yamaha R1 Raven edition with only 5000 miles on it. Let just say I picked up this beautiful machine with a killer deal.

She's a beauty isn't she? Bone stock unmolested ran 10.5@140mph at the 1320'. She's fast alright.

The R1 frame and suspension geometry is so much more aggressive than the SV1000s as well. On the SV I felt like I'm sitting IN a motorcycle, this R1 made me feel like I'm sitting ON it. The R1 has a long swingarm and first gear to prevent wheelie; 1st gear is so tall, it can do 101mph in ONE FREAKING GEAR! But all these mind blowing performance figures and the devilish seducing body still doesn't hold a place in my heart. Something is missing, this bike has no soul.

April of 2010, I did the inevitable. Having 2 cars and 2 motorcycles at the same time is a bit ridiculous, and it's not fair to have the SV sitting on the bike stand most of the time. At that time I wasn't sure if I will keep this motorcycle forever, and I was blinded by the pure speed and joy of the R1. Despite I invested over 2 grands worth of suspension parts on the SV, I sold it to my coworker for a tag below the book value. It didn't hit me until I saw this good'o copper SV1000s strapped down in his trailer and haul away from my parent's driveway. It was a rainy day and I had a sudden surge of bitterness flow through my veins. It's like the moment broke up with the first girlfriend, I cried and I never miss that motorcycle so much until it's gone!

I've learned a lot from this SV1000s, another reason I was so attached to it is because it is a cult bike. You see GSXR and CBR everywhere you go; Squids (similar to ricers in 4 wheels cage world) love those bikes. There are so many of them, it's like cookie cutters, same old shit, same loud exhaust, same kind of rider. SV1000s V-twins does not fire every 180deg, it makes a unique deep rumble that stir your soul. It's power delivery is linear, not as peaky as the R1. The narrow profile of the v-twins makes the overall width of the bike very slim. Although it doesn't run 10 seconds quarter mile or tops out at 186mph, but I never had a hard time to make myself disappear in front of other guys either at the mountain road or at the track.

So I thought I found her a good home, someone who would give her the attention she deserves. But nope; come to find out my coworker is a douchebag; soon after I sold the SV to him with a hookup price, he sold it to some other stranger and made profit on it. I was pissed and I never speak to him again. Until a week before Thanksgiving of this year, he came to me and told me the new owner called him and informed him the SV1000s was stolen outside of Macon, GA. Poor bike is probably stripped into thousand pieces by now :(

I'm sorry SV1000s, I should never let you go. I missed you.

I like my current 05 R1 a lot, it looks good and it's fast as hell; but I would like to call it LUST.
I don't think I'll miss it when I decided to get rid of it. She's fun while she is young, but there are so many of these "young breed" out there. Every year motorcycle manufactures put out some faster, better literbike. It's so easy to not to have emotional attachment to it because it's easy to be replace by another hyper fast Superbike. Just look around, 190hp with all the tricked out traction control electronics are pretty much standard for any class leading literbike. But how often do you find a motorcycle that's so unique with true beauty within? Something that gives you chill bumps when you fired up the engine; something that makes you smile when you roll the throttle and slide the back end out at the corner exit? My Suzuki SV1000s was my true LOVE. I missed you.

So now I'm still rocking the R1, but it's just matter of time I will jump right back into the V-twin Superbike trend. Anybody like Ducati?

Until next time, Merry Christmas and enjoy watching me having a relax trackday at Talladega GP with the Yamaha R1.

Bonus funny addition: What's wrong with this picture? hint: The officer is a Hispanic fellow

Next week: I would like to share some of my/our project cars


  1. fun times we had, some nice pictures btw :P

    Matt C

  2. matt what a great post man. we all have ones weve loved and lost. better than never loving at all right?